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Winding Waters 

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For the love and dedication to the breed.......

Winding Waters is a small, selective show breeding program. Each litter is planned with the goal of producing sound, healthy, offspring that in the ring will showcase our dedication to the betterment of this breed.   All our pets are treated like family and we dedicate countless hours to training each puppy from birth to show ring.

We proudly earned our participation in the AKC BREEDER OF MERIT program and we will continue working to meet the requirements and maintain this level of devotion to the breed we love.  To learn more about this program click (here

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Our Program

Our breeding stock is our own, selected for their  health, conformation, and character, balanced in all and working in harmony.  We have a small, selective breeding program.  Each litter is planned with the goal of producing sound, healthy offspring that in the ring will showcase our time and dedication to the breed.  What we select for the show ring are handled in the ring by us and finished to their AKC Champion and/or Grand Champion titles.   Not every puppy from every litter will make a good show dog so we place those puppies in carefully selected homes to warm the hearts of those that share the love for our breed. 


At Winding Waters it is our priority to breed Yorkshire Terriers that will improve the health of the breed.  We invest in health testing through Embark Vet and OFA.  Our goal is to produce offspring that will remain healthy and continue to improve the health of the Yorkshire Terrier for future generations.   The puppies we keep and place in our breeding program are only selected based on the results of those test to ensure that we are preserving the lines that test clear/normal on all tests and we only pair those that have tested clear/normal on all test.   It is this dedication that ensures the health of this breed will improve for generations to come. 


Yorkshire Terriers are known for their playful nature.  Their ability to love and the desire to please is one of their most notable attributes.   They all take on a "dog-anality" of their own. They are very much a terrier by nature's design.  We incorporate Puppy Culture training at birth so each puppy can be confident in who they are letting their personalities shine.  We want each puppy to be ready for whatever life has in store for them.

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