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v. Callie 10/07/2020

I received Winding Waters Yorkies number a couple years ago from a client who found their forever puppy with Chris. I have thoroughly enjoyed my interactions & experience with Winding Waters Yorkies. Chris is extremely knowledgeable & has educated me on taking the best possible care of my pup to assure a long, healthy life! She has gone above & beyond to support me. Her willingness to answer my calls with any questions I may have has been wonderful. She loves her dogs & that shows in Bradley. He is smart, well behaved & has so much personality! He has brought my daughter & I so much joy, along with everyone he comes into contact with. We could not be happier with our decision to call Chris!! We are furever thankful to her & her family!!!

N. Wilson 01/17/2022

I LOVE my puppy from Winding Waters Yorkies! He is everything I hoped he would be and MORE! We call him Nick the Quick because he is a veritable ball of energy. So much laughter in the house now that he's here. He is the best possible mix of puppy energy and cuddly too. Chris has done a phenomenal job of raising beautiful pups, of which I am now the proud mom of a darling little boy. He is so smart, and came home with a good idea from the outset how to use a piddle pad. I chose Chris as a breeder because I love yorkies and I was seeking a breeder who adheres to breed standards. Not only has she done that, but she also has made herself available to answer any questions that come up. She even answered my call on New Year's Day, after Nick the Quick was a little TOO quick for his own good. She was able to tell me what to do for him, and he was back to being himself in no time. She really cares for and about her Yorkies and I would highly recommend her.


Shelley and Don Fyffe -  03/25/2022

"Bella and Teddy"......

Our experience with Winding Waters Yorkies has been 5 stars! We have found Chris to be an experienced, knowledgeable, passionate and caring breeder.  She is a wealth of information who has provided us with sound advice/suggestions and directed us to credible sources for the promotion of our pet’s health and well-being. She is always responsive to questions, concerns, or comments. Whether this is the purchase of your first fur-baby or your last fur-baby, we believe Winding Waters Yorkies is an outstanding kennel to acquire a healthy and all-encompassing representation of the Yorkshire Terrier breed. Thank you so much. 

Bella and Teddy
Bella and Teddy.jpg

Your Name:  Angie Green

What was most appealing about our kennel?

The love and care put into raising healthy puppies. Chris is an expert on raising happy, healthy puppies.

What helped you make your decision to purchase your furbaby from Winding Waters?

When I saw all the healthy dogs in her care.

Would you recommend our kennel to friends and family?

Yes! Absolutely!

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