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About Us.....

Winding Waters Yorkies was founded on our overwhelming love for this cuddly, beautiful, intelligent and emotionally supportive breed.   We breed to our vision of producing a healthy, structurally and genetically sound representation of the breed.  We strictly  follow the AKC and YTCA written breed standard.   Winding Waters actively participates in AKC conformation shows but for those puppies that don't care to participate in that activity we sell to pet owners just like you.  We strive to provide every family with cuddly companions to love and cherish for many years to come.   


We offer an 18 month health guarantee on all of our babies against life-threatening congenital conditions.  All of our adults are health tested using Emark.  All puppies receive appropriate vaccinations, are microchipped and sent home with a a care package to help with the transition.  The puppies stay a minimum of 12 weeks to ensure they are properly socialized, desensitized to noise, of healthly size, exhibit proper eating habits and are on the right potty training path.  All puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contact with limited registration.  


Every litter is planned, our program is small and we do not ever breed ‘designer’ dogs.  Our main goal is to continue to produce pups that will meet or exceed the written breed standard.  We truly enjoy being  in the show ring to exhibit what our countless hours of hard work has created.   We strive to produce show lines that will be our legacy for many  years to come.


Winding Waters has worked very hard to be known only as a reputable breeder with only the best standards in place.  We will place in a pet home any puppy that we feel is not suitable for the show ring.  We list all available pups here on our website as well as on the AKC Marketplace.  

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