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Do you breed "Teacup", "Micro-" or "Mini" Yorkies?

The answer to that is most definitely…..NO!!!!

Yorkshire terriers are categorized in the toy dog group and in the written breed standard their weight is not to exceed 7 lbs.  A Yorkie is still a Yorkie no matter its size and therefore does not need a label of “teacup, micro, mini, tiny, teenie-tiny, baby doll, doll face, purse size pups, and many other terms.  These are only used by backyard breeders that are breeding to only line their pockets.  This is a serious issue for our breed and the use one of these labels should send up a warning signal.  An honest,  reputable,  and responsible breeder with a passion for this breed that well exceeds their need for financial gain will never strive to produce Yorkies to be this small and will never use these terms in any description when selling a pup.  


Puppies bred to achieve this size will most definitely suffer from either congenital or non-congenital conditions that will likely result in higher vet bills and a shorter life span.  For further information regarding this subject please click this reference link from the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America.   An Important Message About "teacup" Yorkies

Do you breed the "rare" colors?

NO, we do not.....

The written breed standard is only what we follow for color. Traditional Yorkie pups will be born black and tan and will gradually change to become a dark steel blue and tan.  Anything other is a deviation from this written standard, is not accepted in the show ring and is a disqualification for our breed.  Other colors will not occur naturally in show lines and it is believed that other breeds were incorporated with the Yorkshire Terrier to achieve these 'rare' colors.   These pups are rarely health tested or screened and likely haven't had their joints evaluated.  The term "rare" is used only because Yorkies on NOT supposed to be any color other than traditional steel blue and tan.  Read more about color genes here:

Yorkie Colors: An Illustrated Guide to Yorkshire Terrier Coloring

Only backyard breeders will breed for color with no regard to the health issues associated with this practice.  They sell these 'rare' color pups only for profit.  We do not support these practices and the blatant disregard for the breed standard.  

Do we offer a Health Guarantee?

Yes we do and it is outlined in detail in our pet sales agreement.

As a responsible and reputable dog breeder, animal health is my top priority.  That’s why NuVet Plus immune system builder is required as part of your pet’s one year Health Guarantee.  All of my adult dogs have been tested and to date, none of my puppies have had any health issues, life-threatening or otherwise.  All puppies will have had their age approriated vaccinations and wormings prior to leaving my facility.  We proudly promote disease testing for all our breeding stock and we will continue that practice with each new sire or dam introduced into our program.  DNA testing is also done on every dam and sire in our kennel to ensure that we have the best matches possible.  All our testing is done exclusively with Embark.  All testing information is stored in their database for review.  Ask me about our genetic disease testing process.  

What is meant by limited registration?

I sell all my puppies on a limited registration contract.  This puppy can still be registered with AKC and UKC but can not be bred or shown in any conformation event.   My kennel sells these puppies in this manner because, although they are in every way a good 'pet', they did not meet the conformation show requirement. 

What is our view on nutrition?

My dogs are fed an all natural, raw diet handcrafted right here in my kennel.  We start with a 'supermix' of whole ground meat.  That mix includes the proper percentage of muscle meat, organs and bones.  We then add fresh, not frozen, vegetables and appropriate supplements specific to each dog.  The "mommy" dogs receive additional needed supplements during breeding, when bred and after whelping to ensure that they and the pups are healthy and strong.  When we wean our pups, they continue to receive NuVet supplements to build strong, health bones and tissue.  We do not take this lightly, we do NOT ever feed a kibble and we do not promote any brands of kibble.  

Do we microchip our pups?

Yes, we do...

All my puppies are microchipped prior to going home with their new family.  If the pup has been chipped that information is transfered to the new owner along with the AKC paperwork when proof of spay/neuter has been received.  You will have the option to register the chip with your information at your own expense. 

What forms of payment do we accept?

I accept payment by Apple Pay, Google Pay, Zelle,  and as always, CASH is king. We do NOT accept PERSONAL CHECKS.  Payment options can always be discussed when we interview you for consideration to purchase one of our champion-line puppies.  Feel free to ask any questions concerning. 

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